Want to create or increase your property portfolio?

Sirius Property Investments is a company that specialises in helping people to enter into the exciting world of property investing. We know that starting a property portfolio can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when there are so many mixed opinions in the general market place and press about the subject.


At Sirius we have a fundamental philosophy of win-win through property. By effectively sourcing and managing our clients properties and creating wealth, they continue to expand their portfolio’s. The relationship between Sirius and our clients is viewed as long term, and this can only be maintained by delivering results and returns.

We will teach you how to create a property portfolio

Most of us view the house we live in, if we own it, as an investment. Unfortunately this is not entirely correct. Most of us don’t own our property, the bank does, and this means we are paying a bond…
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Let us manage your portfolio and focus on a total return on

Sirius is a comprehensive property investment facilitator capitalizing….
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Rental Portal for Sirius

Sirius Property has been managing property since 1998 and manages….

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Sirius Promise to You

  • The Sirius philosophy is to treat your money as if it were our own. The only way our company can survive long term is to ensure that we build solid long term relationships with you the client.

  • These relationships can only work if they are built on a foundation of trust. Therefore we would never offer you an investment property to buy that we would not buy ourselves. We would also not spend money on renovations or maintenance unless it is absolutely necessary or going to generate a worthwhile financial return.